Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund

Breast cancer research and support fund cannot be separated to help people suffering from breast cancer. The research on breast cancer must be about the risk factor, the symptoms, how to prevent, the causes, the cure, the treatment, etc.

Breast cancer research has to be available for everyone in many forms, such as journal, report, review, article, etc. They may be available both online or books available in bookstores or libraries. These are good to inform especially people wanting to search for the prevention and the cure for breast cancer. The result of the research has to be available for everyone with or without breast cancer. The breast cancer research can be observational and trials for randomized-controls. All of the researches on breast cancer must need a lot of fund. There are many ways to get fund for any researches including breast cancer research.

Breast Cancer Research and Support Fund

The fund for breast cancer researches:

Almost all scientific studies are funded by the government. However, many companies, institutions, agencies, and foundations now can fund any studies including breast cancer. In fact indirectly people also pay for any kinds of studies by paying taxes. People also help the companies funding studies by buying their products. Foundations, agencies, and institutions funding researches are also helped by people through donation in charities they held. People also can personally become volunteers in raising fund for breast cancers to honor family members, friends, spouses, lovers, etc. In short, researches are conducted for all of us, from people to people.

The breast cancer research may include:

·                     Types of breast cancers

·                     Risk Factors. In this case, the researchers usually pay attention to the sufferers’ internal and external factors.

·                     Screening and detection. Both film and digital mammography and MRI are included here.

·                     Risk-lowering medication. This is about drugs to cure and prevent breast cancers. Medication to help prolong the sufferer’s life is also developing.

·                     Diagnosis and Prognostic. This is about the things to determine the types of breast cancers, stages of breast cancer, what to do after being determined, and how to live with breast cancer.

·                     Treatment. This is about the treatment the sufferers can get in any stage of the breast cancers.

·                     Getting support and care. This is about how to get medical support and care for the sufferers.

·                     Survivorship. This is about how to deal with everything after medication including how to deal with recurrence.

·                     Etc

Researches on breast cancers are developing all the time and there are always good people to help with fund to make the researches go smoothly. The article about breast cancer research and support fund hopefully can make people with or without breast cancers get inspired to be more aware of the danger of breast cancer and start to live the life healthily.

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