Testicular Cancer Symptoms: Be Sure about It

Testicular cancer symptoms should be detected earlier. It is because when you have detected it early, you may have the chance to cure it completely. You should know that testicular cancer is the fatal disease for men. The symptoms are divided into two, the symptoms in early stage and in later stage. You should know that in fact, in most of cancer types, the early stage symptoms are hard to detect. That is why you should visit the doctors when you find even the smallest abnormalities in your testis.

Testicular Cancer Symptoms

Testicular Cancer Symptoms: the Early Stages

The common testicular cancer symptoms include swollen testis in both of them or just one of them. You may also find the lump in the testis. Testicular cancer symptoms lump is actually the common symptom that is found in this case. This is often confused by hydrocele. Hydrocele is the increased fluid in testis that may cause lumps. You should also know that testicular cancer can also be caused by undetected hydrocele. Another symptom is the heaviness in the scrotum. The heaviness is caused by the excessive cells that are cancerous in the testis. Another symptom is the painful back, groin, and lower abdomen.

Testicular Cancer Symptoms Picture

Testicular Cancer Symptoms: the High Stages

If early testicular cancer symptoms in men are not treated, they will be increased in higher level of acuteness. The testicular cancer symptoms in higher stages include the extra pain in your back and lower abdomen, feel excessively fatigue, produce much sweat for no reason, have fever, and get the illness feeling. You may also feel the breath shortness and chest pain whenever you are coughing. Sometimes, you may also feel confusion that lead to dementia when you have the highest stage of testicular cancer.

You should visit the doctor when you see that there is a change in your testes. The changes may be in the size or the shape of the testes. You should know that can be the very early testicular cancer symptoms. What you should be very careful is the changes in your testes may not be painful. That is why most people ignore that early stage.

When your cancer has spread, it can spread to the other organs. When it has spread, then the best treatment is radiation or chemotherapy. On the contrary, if your cancer is still in one area, you can have surgery as the best treatment to get rid of testicular cancer symptoms.


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