Types of Cancer: Get to Know about It

Types of cancer are various. You can find that there are several kinds of cancers attacking the certain parts of the body. First thing first, you have to know about what cancer is. It is actually the uncontrollable cells that are abnormal. The cells will block and even damage the living cells in the part of the body where they attack. You should know that the normal cells in our body only live for a certain time, as long as the body needs them. Once they are not needed anymore, they will die. Cancer happens when the cells become abnormal since they grow uncontrollably and multiplies too fast.

Types of Cancer

Types of Cancer: the Parts

Here are the types of cancer that commonly attack, from the most common one. First, there is bladder cancer. It is the uncontrollable cells living in bladder era. The second common one is breast cancer. You should know that breast does not only attack women, but also men. The other types followed are the combination of colon and rectal cancer, endometrial cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia, lung cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, pancreatic, prostate cancer, and typhoid. There are the other types of cancer that are uncommon.


Types of Cancer: Treatments

When it comes to treatments, the common types of cancer treatments are chemotherapy. It is the kind of treatment that is used if the cancer has already spread to the other parts of the body. However, if the cancer is only in one part of the body, the treatment that is needed is surgery to remove the uncontrollable cells. And if the tumor has spread to the lymph, at some points, this can also be removed. Radiation and chemotherapy are also the great combination of treatment in most of types of cancer. 

You should know that even after you have got the surgery of types of cancer, it is still recommended for you to check the cells. It is because at some points there is a chance that the cancer cells strike again to the parts of your body. 

In fact, it is not only human that can suffer from cancer, but also the other mammals, like dog. Types of cancer in dog are like human. It is because the parts of the body are more or less the same. It is recommended to visit the vet if your dog seems to have a strange cell just in case it suffers one of types of cancer


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