Cervical Cancer Symptoms: Be Aware

Cervical cancer symptoms are the things you should know earlier. First, you have to know about cervical cancer. It is the abnormal cells that live and grow out of control in cervix. Cervix is the area of lower uterus that leads to vagina. When you have cervix cancer, the cancerous cells grows there are block the normal cells in the cervix. You should know that when cancerous cells grow, it is actually the normal ones that become out of control. This kind of cell will not die after it is used, like the normal ones.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms

Cervical Cancer Symptoms: the Stages

Cervical cancer symptoms stages based on several ones. You should know that when cervical cancer is detected in the early stage, chance is you will be cured completely. The cervical cancer symptoms include bleeding in your vagina. Please remember that it is not a menstrual blood. It means that the bleeding is not in your menstrual cycle. When you are having sex, you will also find bleeding. It indicates that when you make a contact with your cervix, it will bleed easily. You can also find pain when you are having sex. And when it comes to discharge of your vagina, it may contain blood.

Cervical Cancer Symptoms: the Causes

 You should know that the cause of cervical cancer symptoms is HPV. HPV is a virus that actually can only live in male, but can be infected to female through sexual contact. That is why when a female has HPV, it is infected by her partner. It is the importance of checking your partner up before you tie the knot. However, not all HPV types can cause cervix cancer. There are many types of HPV. The most dangerous one can trigger cervix cancer

One thing you should know, HPV may not give you any symptom. You may have it for years and you do not even know it is there. The longer it stays the higher chance for you to have cervical cancer since HPV can show cervical cancer symptoms in many years after. Cervical cancer symptoms leg pain is one of the symptoms too.

The best way to check you up is by Pap test. All you have to do is just visiting your gynecologist. Due to the fact that cervical cancer is only experienced by those who are sexually active, the pap test is also only conducted for those who have active sex life. It is important for you to check early cervical cancer symptoms.


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